February 29, 2024

4 Easy ways to improve bone strength


Osteoporosis can result in terribly painful consequences. Here are 4 simple methods you could use to improve your bone strength and avoid Osteoporosis.

A broken bone is never a pleasant experience. To avoid this, it is important to maintain good bone strength and avoid osteoporosis altogether. This World Osteoporosis Day, pledge to do what is best for your bones.

Feed them right

The bone-building process in the human body requires calcium. One way of increasing calcium content in the body is  Yogurt. Just one cup of yogurt provides the body with about 300-400 mg of calcium. Another good addition to your diet would be avocados. Apart from being a good source of boron, avocados also support calcium absorption in the bones.

While the manganese present in walnuts is important in creating the bone’s connective tissue components, walnuts also contain omega-3 fatty acids. These omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation in the body, reducing the possibility of the bones breaking down. Wild salmon is another good source of omega-3. It also contains Vitamin D, manganese and phosphorous.

osteoporosis day bone strength diet

Go out in the Sun more

Vitamin D plays a key role in attaining better bone strength and in turn, keeping osteoporosis as far away as possible. The best way to get Vitamin D for the body is through exposure to sunlight. A minimum of 10 minutes of exposure to sunlight every day is a must in order to produce adequate vitamin D. However, the exposure to sunlight during winter is much lower. In these cases, it is recommended that you take vitamin D supplements to make up for the lack of exposure to sunlight.

Say no to Smoking

According to a study published by National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training, smokers have a 25% increase in fracture risk and are nearly twice as likely to experience hip fractures. The same study also suggests that the risk of suffering fractures is partially reversed if one stops smoking. Saying no to smoking would go a long way in keeping Osteoporosis away.

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Exercise your way to good bone strength

Exercise is a useful tool for improving bone health. Weight-bearing exercises put stress on the bones, resulting in increased osteoblast production. This improves bone formation in the body. Walking, running and some weight training on a daily basis would be of great help in improving one’s bone strength.

It is best for you to keep an eye on bone strength right from an early age. In case you have multiple risk factors for osteoporosis, like a smaller body frame or a drinking or smoking habit, it is advisable to talk to a doctor about getting a bone density test done. Follow the steps mentioned above to stay bone healthy and keep osteoporosis away.

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