February 26, 2024

Say ‘No’ To New Year Resolutions


Failed resolutions are so 2016. The largest health revolution in India is here… Are you game? Dispose of old resolutions and join the #NewYearRevolution!

It’s time for the new year yet again, this calls for some ‘resolutions’ doesn’t it? Let’s say you don’t have to make a resolution, instead just have to join a revolution and you wouldn’t have any trouble sticking to it.

We are talking about the 21 Day Challenge. What is that you ask? Read on to find out more about the #NewYearRevolution.

Here is what adds a healthy twist to your new year.

Why 21 Days?

It takes 21 days to build a habit, so why not use it to live a healthy life? Resolutions have been known to fail which is why we have come up with a revolution to motivate you to do your best. All it requires is a little bit of your effort and you will see a change in your gait and even lose upto 2 kg for sure! Yes we know it sounds crazy, but it’s not a revolution for no reason you know.

How Does It Work?

Depending on whether you want to join the revolution to lose weight or to get fitter, you will be given a set of 4 tasks to complete in a day. Doesn’t sound like much does it?

Wondering what your tasks are? It’s listed below, just for you. 

  • Track your calories,
  • Meet your water goals,
  • Smash your step goals,
  • Record your workouts

and proceed with your day.

Now you may wonder what other benefits you will get if you diligently check tasks off your list. Well, we’ve got that covered.

  • Earn points on completing each task
  • Get onto the leaderboard
  • Finish your tasks in record time, exceed your goals climb the leaderboard.
  • Stay on top, get rewards as well as stand a chance to win amazing prizes!

Looking For Motivation?

We are a step ahead of you!

  • Get in touch with like-minded individuals,
  • Make friends with your competitors, it’s like what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, in this case we are talking about your competition.
  • In a difficult spot? Share experiences and exchange advice to get out of it.
  • Share your achievements, boost your morale, smash your goals like you were born to succeed.


  • Multiple surprise visits by coaches for added motivation to achieve your goals and come out of the challenge in top shape!

Looks like we still have your attention.

Extra Benefits!

Let’s end on a high note shall we?

While on the challenge you feel you may need some professional help to achieve your goals at supersonic speed.

  • A massive discount of 31%
  • Get a personal coach with HealthifyMe Premium and reap the benefits at this crazy discount we are offering you.
  • The sooner you get it the better, because the discount drops by 1% every day, for 31 days.
  • Did we mention rewards? If we have, let’s talk about it again. Earn points, win rewards on completing tasks in record time, and much more!

Now that you know what all the hype is about, are you ready to join the #NewYearRevolution? Be a part of this epic challenge and we promise you that 2017 will be the best year you have had so far!!

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