December 3, 2023

How HealthifyMe transformed a Former National-level Swimmer


Former national level swimmer Saikat Debnath says HealthifyMe’s diet and exercise plan helped him regain his former fitness levels and achieve a weight loss of 12.6 kg in 3 months

Read about Saikat Debnath’s weight loss journey, a former National level swimmer

Weight before: 93 kg

Weight now: 80.4 kg

Lost 12.6 kg in 3 months

Saikat-Debnath-before weight loss

A national level swimmer representing Uttar Pradesh while in school, Saikat Debnath had always been in top shape. But all that changed in Class 12, when he took time off from his fitness regimen to prepare for his board exams. “The lack of physical activity, my love for food, and the fact that I had gone from over-exercise to no exercise collectively contributed to my weight gain,” 27-year-old Saikat recalls.

The Bangalore-based techie says his biggest problem was that he always lacked energy. “Although I had no medical problem, I used to get tired very quickly. I would never be able to enjoy a good game of football with my friends because I’d get exhausted after the first five or ten minutes. As a result, I gradually started avoiding the game,” he says.

Saikat enrolled himself at a gym but it didn’t do much for him in terms of weight loss. The reason for this was the fact that he lacked a personal trainer, which meant his routine was limited to basic exercises while his diet continued to remain unhealthy.

‘Unlike other apps, where Indian foods are generally not included, HealthifyMe had a detailed database of Indian foods’

It was his marriage that motivated Saikat Debnath to take his weight loss seriously. “I was looking for a calorie tracker when I stumbled across the HealthifyMe app. Unlike other apps, where Indian foods are generally not included, this one had a detailed database of Indian foods,” he says. Saikat joined HealthifyMe towards the end of August and opted for a premium package, determined to get in shape before the big day.

His case was assigned to, fitness coach Rohit Singh and nutritionist Ritu Puri. “Saikat’s problem was that he was spending too much time at the gym. He used to do cardio for 30 minutes every day followed by an hour of weights. I re-programmed his routine so that cardio and weight training took place on different days. Spending a lot of time in the gym isn’t enough to lose weight and get a good physique, what is also required is smart work,” says Rohit.  

Ritu interviewed Saikat in detail before devising a suitable diet plan. “She talked to me for an hour asking me about ingredients that were easily available around me. The best thing about the diet plan she prescribed was that it included items which were commonly available. I did not have to go around searching for specific foods items as I had initially imagined,” says Saikat.

‘The biggest advantage with HealthifyMe is that it has helped me plan my diet as per my needs and goals’

Today, Saikat has improved his eating habits and is well on the way to adopting a healthy lifestyle. His goal is not merely to lose weight but get a sculpted body. Therefore, he is on a protein-rich diet to assist muscle gain.

He begins his day rather late since work keeps him awake till about 2 am. He begins his day with a walk, followed by breakfast consisting of a protein shake or egg whites. An apple takes care of mid-morning hunger pangs while at work. Lunch consists of salad, egg whites, chapatti and the occasional grilled chicken.  

He eats a bowl of fruits in the evening and then heads to the gym at 5.30 pm. A protein drink after the workout session takes care of his protein requirements. An early dinner is taken care of by egg whites and salads,while eliminating carbs if any. He finally tucks in rather late at 2 am with nutrition bars to take care of midnight hunger pangs.

“The biggest advantage with HealthifyMe is that it has helped me plan my diet as per my needs and goals. I have realized that when it comes to weight loss, diet has a larger role to play than workout. Even if you miss your workouts, you can still achieve your objective with the right diet,” says Saikat.

He depended heavily on the HealthifyMe app to plan his meals. “In case I overate, I would use the app to calculate the calories and cut down on my next meal,” he says. The water tracker helped as well. “I had a habit of drinking less water so I used the water reminder to ensure that I consume at least 3-4 litres of water a day.”Saikat-Debnath-after weight loss

“My coaches also motivated me immensely,” Saikat adds. “Rohit used to send me motivational YouTube videos three or four times a week and was always there to clarify any doubts.”

‘My waist has decreased by 4 inches’ a 12 kg weight loss 

“One of the biggest advantages of a virtual weight loss plan is that you have access to your records and can refer to them while planning your meals and exercise routine,” says Saikat. Although he still has to lose a couple of kilos, he is already seeing positive results due to weight loss. “I have started playing football again and though I still get tired, I can say that my stamina has increased, and I don’t feel as lazy as I used. My waist has reduced by 4 inches. In fact, I feel like I am in my first year (of college) again,” he says.

Initially, when Saikat signed up for HealthifyMe, many of his friends who are regular gym goers expressed scepticism about of a virtual weight loss programme. “But as it started showing results, they began to respect my decision,” he says.

Saikat has already recommended HealthifyMe to several friends and some of them have even started using it. “Before HealthifyMe, I had tried other calorie-tracking apps but none of them had Indian foods,” he says.

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