February 26, 2024

I lost 12.5 kg in 8 months


12.5 kg in 8 months, body transformation coach choose exercises designed to intensify heart rate and burn fat to push Rachana Shukla off weight-loss plateau

Name: Rachana Shukla

Age: 30 yearsRachana Shukla

Now: 68.5 kg

Then: 81 kg

Lost: 12.5 kg in 8 months

Rachana Shukla’s weight ranged between 58 and 60 kg but started increasing after her marriage. “My weight increased drastically, around 15-20 kg, in 2012-13,” says the Hyderabad-based IT professional. “I had a desk job and worked late shifts. I also used to eat a lot of junk food,” she reveals.

She soon developed health problems

“I developed high BP and was on the verge of hypertension. I began to suffer from breathlessness and also developed a backache. The doctor said there was only one thing to do: Lose weight.”

In April 2015, Rachana took up a week-long HealthifyMe trial package, signing up for a nutritionist’s advice, and also started yoga on her own. She lost about 3 kg in a month and a half but then hit a plateau. Clearly, it was time to seek expert help.

Rachana was assigned to body transformation coach Meenakshi S and diet and wellness consultant Alpa Momaya. Meenakshi decided that Rachana needed exercises designed to burn fat and intensify her heart rate to push her weight down.

Fitness with family commitments

“The trouble was that Rachana did not have time to exercise as she lived in a joint family where there were many duties,” Meenakshi says. The main challenge would be to get Rachana to exercise so Meenakshi drew up an exercise regimen that would help Rachana burn calories and keep her interested. The routine included strength training, walking, and kickboxing as cardio exercise.

Rachana gradually developed a keen interest in her workouts and even started motivating others on her WhatsApp group. She now makes it a point to train everyday irrespective of her professional and domestic workload.

A day in her life

A day typically begins at 6 am with a glass of lukewarm limewater. This is followed by a 30-minute workout session comprising strength training and stretches. Breakfast at 9.15 am includes oat porridge with flaxseeds or muesli with milk, an; a mid-morning snack at 11 am in office translates into green tea and fruits. Lunch at 1 pm comprises vegetable dish, two rotis, some dal, salad, and curd.

At 4 pm she has either green or normal tea without sugar and fruits or nuts. She returns home at 6 pm and begins her cardio by 7 pm. “I exercise for 40-60 minutes depending on my energy levels,” she says. An apple before the session and a glass of milk or buttermilk after keep her going. Dinner at 9 pm is sparse – only fruits and salads.

The biggest reward

The greatest reward of her weight-loss journey has been regaining her self-confidence, Rachana says. Her back pain has also gone. “I don’t even remember the last time I experienced it,” she says. She’s so happy with the results that she has started recommending HealthifyMe to her friends.

Rachana still has 8 kg to lose to reach her goal of 60 kg, something she intends to achieve by mid-February. “After that, she will have to switch to a maintenance plan where she will gradually be reintroduced to the foods that she had given up while also keeping her metabolism active,” Meenakshi says.

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Disclaimer: Rachana lost weight and got her health on track with HealthifyMe. The results may vary for you. Allow us to determine the best approach to help you achieve your fitness goal.

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