October 3, 2023

HealthifyMe helped her lose 13 kg in 6 months


HealthifyMe’s diet-and-fitness plan helps IT professional break her weight plateau and shed 13 kilos and seven inches. Read her weight loss story here

Pramiti Bhatnagar

Name: Pramiti Bhatnagar

Age: 35

Then: 68 kg

Now: 55 kg

Lost: 13 kg in 6 months

Her chubby cheeks were adorable when she was at school but Bangalore-based IT professional Pramiti Bhatnagar had enough of them by the time she joined college. And then began an endless battle with the bulge ensued.

Pramiti tried various gyms and took up different sports, but all in vain. She would lose a few kilos and regain them the moment she took a break because of examinations or an illness.

The 35-year-old realised she needed expert help when she gained seven kilos, reaching an all-time high of 68 kg, within a year of her marriage in 2012.

“I could not fit into any of my trousseau outfits. It was so depressing,” she recalls. A gym buddy suggested Healthifyme, a virtual fitness app, on her birthday last September. “It was the best gift I could have given myself,” Pramiti says.

The Diet

Most people have to eat less when they start dieting. But Healthifyme’s Body Transformation Coach Shaik Moyeenuddin made Pramiti eat “more food, more frequently” to shed weight.

“Her metabolism had slowed down so we had to fire it up,” he says.

The meals were much healthier, of course. Grilled chicken with lemon-garlic sauce replaced the oily chicken curry; the accompanying white rice was swapped for brown. Pramiti was also given recipes for brown-rice poha and broken-wheat upma to make her breakfast less monotonous.

“Dinner was a ‘salad-only’ affair but Moyeenuddin suggested various toppings including fish, chicken, nuts and flaxseeds,” she says.

Round-the-clock monitoring ensured the Microsoft employee never cheated.

“Moyeenuddin kept a tab on every morsel. I had to send him photographs of my snacks and meals for feedback no matter what time of the day or night it was,” Pramiti recalls.

The exercise

Moyeenuddin introduced variety in Pramiti’s exercise routine to help break the plateau. She was asked to do weight training thrice a week. On the other four days, she did different cardio workouts, including spinning and a Sunday run with her dogs.

Pramiti Bhatnagar Weight lose sucess storyThe rewards

Today, Pramiti relishes the attention she gets when she walks into a party. Not only has she lost 13 kg – and seven inches on her waist – she has also managed to maintain it for the past six months.

“I lost fat in the right way, so even if I miss exercise for a week, the weight doesn’t go up,” she says.

But her biggest reward has been the increase in stamina. In the past, she used to be exhausted by the time she reached office.

“Now I am energetic through the day,” she says, adding that she has been cycling the 11-km stretch from her home to office daily for the past week.

“If I ever gain weight again, I will turn to Healthifyme. It really works,” Pramiti says.

Disclaimer: Pramiti lost weight and got her health on track with HealthifyMe. The results may vary for you. Allow us to determine the best approach to help you achieve your fitness goal.

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