September 24, 2023

Five ways to revv up your weight-loss routine


Hitting a plateau is a common for anyone on a weight-loss plan. Here’s some expert advice on weight loss and breaking the plateau.

After a great start, do you find yourself stuck on the scale? You’re wondering why you’ve stopped losing weight, given you have been following the same diet and exercise regimen daily.

Hitting a plateau is a common for anyone on a weight-loss plan. Here’s five ways to help you overcome it:

#1 You’re eating too much or too little

As your weight drops, the number of calories you eat must drop as well if you wish to continue losing weight. You also need to re-evaluate portion sizes to ensure you aren’t eating more than you should by measuring your food again.

If you’ve cut calories drastically, you may not be getting the minimum calories your body requires. Your metabolism will slow down to conserve energy, and you’ll lose less weight. To check if that’s the problem, add around 100 calories daily and see if that helps move the scales.

#2 You’re not getting enough protein

Several studies show that high-protein diets result in more weight shed. Protein keeps the metabolism high, helps burn fat, and leaves you feeling fuller. But most importantly, it helps you lose fat without losing muscle.

#3 Your body is immune to your workout

If you do the same exercise daily, your body adjusts and burns fewer calories. To beat that, change up your routine at least every six weeks and rehaul it completely once every three months.

#4 You may be gaining muscle

If the weighing scale isn’t moving but your clothes feel looser, your body mass index (BMI) may be dropping as you replace fat with muscle.

#5 You’re not getting enough sleep

Research shows that missing just 30 minutes of sleep can disrupt your metabolism and lead to weight gain.

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