September 24, 2023

6 months down, do you need to take these 7 fitness re-resolutions?


Faltered with your New Year fitness resolutions? It’s not too late to take your #NOFAIL re-resolutions again!

We start out every New Year, keen to make a difference. At home and work, with family and friends, with finances and health! We entered 2016 armed with a load of fitness resolutions and healthy habits, hoping to turn the clock back this year. Six months into the year, it’s time to take stock. Have you stuck to those fitness goals? Have they made a difference? If not, we urge you to make some fitness re-resolutions and stick with them. Take your #NOFAIL re-resolution today!

1. I will prioritise my health and put my family on the path to fitness

Changing your mindset is essential if you want to stick to your resolutions and be fit. Make sure you prioritise fitness – yours at first – and you will see how others in the family follow suit. Lead your family to better health!

2. I will mix up my fitness routine and stick to it

Your exercise routine doesn’t have to mean going to the gym every morning. Mix things up by signing up for activities such as spinning or aqua aerobics. Make exercise a family session by opting for cycling or swimming. Group exercise also helps motivate you in the longer run!exercise in group

3. I will exercise as often as I can – even while travelling!

There’s a lot more that exercise does apart from helping you lose weight. It stimulates the growth of cerebral blood vessels, enhances communication across synapses, boosts mood and acts as a natural antidepressant. Exercise can also make you happy!

4. I will not subject my body to yo-yo workouts

Yo-yo workouts do way more harm than good. The tendency to work out, slack off and keep doing it can put the body under strain, cause binge eating, and eventually leads to weight gain. It can also lead to mood swings.workouts

5. I will put my kitchen on a diet

Sticking to your diet is much easier if your kitchen is stocked with food that’s healthy and diet-friendly. Stock your pantry with pulses, legumes, brown rice, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Also, ensure that your fridge always has these healthy foods!

6. I will adopt good eating habits to get fitter

Research has shown that the way a food is labelled, presented, stored or served, biases our eating habits and taste preferences. Good eating habits, be it a hot breakfast or smaller plates, can help you meet your weight and health goals.get fitter with Good eating habits

7. I will try and live like the Danish do

Denmark tops a list of 156 countries ranked by happiness levels. The rankings, which covered the years from 2013 to 2015, had an average score of 5.1 but Denmark stood out with an average of 7.52. Why? Because of the Danish lifestyle, which is all about the work-life balance, the simple pleasures of life, regular exercise and outdoor time and gratitude!

A resolution can’t be just a plan; it needs to be actioned. Put it into action and see the difference it makes to your health and fitness levels. Get started with your #NOFAIL re-resolution!

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