February 29, 2024

5 ways to keep you mentally fit


mentally fit, challenging and conditioning your brain regularly will improve your mental fitness 

become Mentally fit! cardio five days a week, strength or functional training three days a week and long bike rides over the weekend. You have your physical fitness in order but are you neglecting your mental health?

We give you five ways to improve your mental health and wellbeing and condition your brain.

  1. Let the games begin: Traditional brain fitness games, be it Sudoku or crosswords, are the best way to tease and challenge your brain. Or you can download fun and free memory games apps to boost brain function. Try Lumosity, Fit Brains Trainer, Elevate, Personal Zen or Eidetic. Spend 15 minutes playing these games.Train your brain
  2. Make time for meditation: Much has been said about the benefits of meditation. Apart from relaxing you, it teaches your brain to focus. Creating a different mental state works wonders in boosting brain function. Start with yoga and then work your way up to a few minutes each day.meditation
  3. Turn off the telly: On an average, a person watches about four hours of television each day. Turning off the television gives you more hours in a day – more time to spend on family and friends, and engage in other activities. Try learning a new skill – this works several areas of the brain.shutterstock_302025368-edit (1)
  4. Get your exercise fix: Physical exercise sets you up to enjoy mental fitness. Moving your body – in different ways – forces your brain and body to learn new muscle skills and practice balance.
  5. Eat for brain health: Your brain needs you to eat healthy fats. Focus on getting your quota of fish, nuts, seeds and olive oil. Put superfoods on the menu. Try and consume more healthy fats, less saturated fats and no transfats.brain healthy foods
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