September 24, 2023

Make Exercise a Group Effort


Group exercise sessions are fun and versatile, and offer the added advantage of increased motivation.


The versatility of group exercise sessions and the accountability factor keep you motivated for longer

Be it power yoga sessions, a barbell boot camp or dance-based classes, group coaching has emerged as a popular exercise choice. Being in a group beats hitting the treadmill or mounting the stepper and continually looking at the clock to see if you’ve finished your 20 minutes.

If you’re still unsure whether or not to join a group class, have a look at the benefits:

Increased motivation:

A draining workout on your own doesn’t seem great but if you’re doing it with a few others, you’re sure to get and stay excited through an hour-long workout. Group coaching works especially well on days when you want to bunk your exercise session. Vibrant instructors, motivational music and a bunch of exercise friends – they’re sure to rev up energy levels.

Aids accountability:

On your own, you could easily skip your morning jog or the yoga session you had planned in the a.m. hours. But you won’t want to ditch an instructor who’s coaxing you to get fitter or friends who are in the same boat as you. Workout buddies tend to have each other’s back, and chances are you’ll be regular.

Keeps things fun:

The same routine – be it kickboxing or spinning – can get predictable, even if you have a personal trainer. That’s where group coaching differs. Most group classes focus on variety and providing a new experience. Your class could be spinning one day, doing weights on another and trying meditation on the last day of the week.


However, group training also has a few cons to go with the pros. These include lack of individual programming and attention to form, and the danger of overtraining. To prevent these, avoid relying solely on group coaching as your only method of training. Make it a part of a weekly fitness schedule that has a few days where you exercise individually and a few others when you join a group. You’re sure to get better results!

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