February 29, 2024

Try these healthy hot Indian breakfasts


Love your hot Indian breakfast? Try these healthier alternatives .Start your morning on the right note by making a low-calorie swap.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But wolfing down a plate of aloo puri or buttered toast, standard morning fare in many homes, will do you more harm than good.

If you can’t do without a hot Indian breakfast, there are several healthier options to choose from. Take a look:

Parathas? No, please!

Stick to whole-wheat atta, and roast them instead of frying in oil. Lose the butter and pickle, and avoid aloo stuffing. Instead, add palak puree to the dough, or stuff with methi greens mashed and boiled peas, beans and carrots.

Bye-bye buttered toast

Have a grilled brown bread sandwich instead with cucumber and tomato and some green chutney to add some zing.

Instant noodles? No-no

Instead, use vermicelli, mixed spices and lots of vegetables to make a tasty and wholesome upma-style preparation.

Vada Pav is out

Try toasted wheat buns with a mixed vegetable patty, made with very little aloo and dry roasted on the tava, instead.

Misal Pav? After a makeover

This popular Maharashtrian legume-based dish is both oily and spicy and served topped with nankeen. A healthier alternative can be made using more sprouts and less oil, served with whole-wheat pav.

Pancakes, only whole wheat

Ditch the refined flour for atta, and use eggs to make the pancakes fluffy. Add mashed fruits for natural sweetness.

Puri bhaji? Sorry!

If you need that tangy fix in the morning, try a mixed vegetable subzi with whole-wheat rotis instead.

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