February 26, 2024

World Yoga Day special: How yoga changed my life


On World Yoga Day discover the personal journey of our fitness expert and join us for the event at Freedom Park in Bangalore.

On this World Yoga Day, as I look back I remember how I started my yoga journey around seven years ago. At the time, I was working for a corporate company and had a desk job. I longed to lead a healthier and fitter life, not just at a physical level but mentally, spiritually. That is what drew me to yoga.

From then on yoga became an interest, and that interest developed into a passion. I became so enamoured by it that I quit my job to do it full time. It has changed my entire perception of the world. It has helped me understand myself, and others and taught me to become more accepting of life. While I once believed “Whatever happens, happens for good reason”, I now understand the underlying karmic philosophy behind it.

I try to convey what I’ve learnt to all the practitioners of yoga who are training with me. I’m always happy when I see them evolve and become more aware of life and their surroundings. I felt real joy in helping one particular soul who wanted to sit in a meditative posture for over three hours. He had approached many teachers and failed to achieve his goal at the physical level before he came to HealthifyMe. I guided him with a lot of back strengthening and hip opening postures that can help a person sit still for long, and my guidance coupled with his patience and determination helped him achieve the task after three months of constant effort.

These are the experiences that make my work rewarding. But for me, and others, the bliss that comes with a true experience of yoga is the ultimate prize.

Do you want to get inspired by yoga? If you’re in Bangalore, come to Freedom Park on Sunday, June 21 and participate in a Group Yoga session by HealthifyMe yoga expert Pragya Bhatt followed by breakfast from Brekkie.

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