December 3, 2023

6 tips for choosing a gym


Planning to join a gym for the first time but unsure what to look for. Read what our experts recommend you should check before you sign up for a gym.

You’re getting serious about your weight loss regimen, and a gym membership seems like a good way to get your daily quota of exercise. But don’t be swayed by state-of-the-art machines and swanky interiors. Before putting down the money, weigh these six factors:

Is it close to your office or home?

One way to ensure you don’t skip your workout is by choosing a gym close to home or work. A five to eight minute distance is ideal. If you’re pressed for time, it’s unlikely that you will drive even 20 minutes for a workout. A gym that stays open all night is a big plus too.

Do they offer a workout you’ll enjoy?

If your preferred form of cardio is aerobics, do they offer a class? Or if you’re seriously into strength training, do they have a space where you can do bodyweight workouts or foam rolling? To ensure you stay motivated to workout, it’s important you think long term and choose a fitness plan you feel passionate about. So make sure the gym you choose offers it.

What do the online reviews say?

Are the trainers helpful, even if you don’t opt for personal training? Most gyms have a Facebook page, so check and see what other members are saying about the service before signing up.

Are there any hidden costs?

Do you have to pay extra for Yoga or Pilates? Are there any discounts on the spa treatments? Make sure you know what the additional costs are.

Is it clean?

Gyms can be a hotbed of germs, if they aren’t properly cleaned. While surveying a potential gym, check the bathrooms and corners for dust and grime. Also see if the machines and weights are being wiped down with anti-bacterial agents after use. Finding clean towels in a fresh smelling locker room is a good sign.

Does it suit your pre and post workout routine?

Do they offer any healthy pre-workout snacks? If you’re headed to work after, make sure they have a good shower. If you enjoy a steam or sauna after working out, check for those facilities too.

Our experts can guide you with the best diet and fitness plan, designed specifically for you. Get in touch today.

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