February 25, 2024

Four ways to increase your daily water intake


Water is critical for your body and also helps you stay fit and healthy. Here's how you can increase your daily water intake.

We’ve talked about how drinking more water can help you lose weight. But most of us either forget to down a glass during the day, or are unenthused about chugging flavorless liquid when thirst strikes.

So how can we up our daily water intake? Here are four easy suggestions:

#1 Eat fruits and vegetables that have a high water content

Melons, cucumber, tomatoes, squashes and gourds like lauki are all good choices. They may not have the same benefits as gained by drinking water directly, but they hydrate as well as provide vitamins and minerals.

#2 Fix a time to drink water and track it

Start the day with a glass of cold water (iced water stimulates metabolism), and always drink a glass 15 minutes before your meals. Set a reminder on your phone to remember, and carry a small bottle of water with you at all times. If you can’t measure how much you’ve had with a bottle, keep track of the number of glasses you need to down daily.

#3 Spike your drink

If you avoid plain water because it lacks flavor, add lemon, cucumber or mint. Avoid drinking beverages other than water with meals – most contain unnecessary calories.

#4 Whenever you feel hungry, drink water

As discussed earlier, water can help control food cravings and leaves you feeling full for a short while.

Implement these tips for about a week, and we guarantee they will become habits.

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