September 24, 2023

Five tips to choose the right workout clothes


Read what our experts have to say about finding the right workout clothes regardless of what your fitness routine is.

Do you often find yourself tugging your T-shirt down at the gym? Or are you distracted while performing a yogasana because your shorts are constantly riding up?

Finding the right workout clothes is essential if you want your exercise regimen to go smoothly. Different workouts call for different clothes, so think about the kind of exercises you’ll be doing before you put your outfit together.

Here are some tips from HealthifyMe experts:

#1 Avoid 100% cotton at the gym

While it’s important to choose your clothes based on comfort, you also need to make sure your choice is functional and gives you the right support.

While running shoes, shorts and a T-shirt is an ensemble that always works well, avoid 100% cotton clothing as it absorbs moisture easily. You’ll find yourself stuck with a heavy, soaked T-shirt that can cause irritation and leave you cold after you’re done exercising. Also, a loose T-shirt can be a safety risk, as it can get caught in a machine.

Choose clothes – underwear, inners and T-shirts – made of dry-fit or moisture wicking material that will keep you nice and dry instead.

#2 Skip the short shorts

Men should avoid short shorts that are loose as they ride up leaving you exposed while doing certain exercises, like lunges, deadlifts or squats. Loose shorts with a compression lining can be worn for rigorous cardio routines that involve a lot of jumping.

#3 Choose the right sports bra

It’s recommended women wear one while exercising, not only for comfort and support, but because it reduces any chance of injury. While shopping for a sports bra, remember these rules — it should fit slightly tighter than a regular bra, but not so tight that you can’t breathe comfortably. Make sure there is no chafing around the armholes, shoulder straps or seams; if it has hooks or snaps, make sure those don’t chafe, either. The straps shouldn’t dig into your shoulders and the cup fabric should be smooth.

To ensure you buy the right size, raise your hands over your head. If the elastic band rides up your rib cage, you need a smaller band or the straps need to be adjusted.

#4 Capris for yoga

In the West, yoga pants are popular attire for women who do yoga but if you are looking for a more modest option, try capris. They are the perfect length so as to not get in the way of yoga poses, and if made of thick cotton, they won’t ride up and leave you embarrassed.

Avoid overly loose pants as they can slide up, drawstring pants because they cause discomfort when lying on the stomach, and shorts because they can bunch up while you are doing any upside-down poses.

Stretchable cotton-blend tank tops or torso-hugging T-shirts work well for both men and women. Avoid tops with loose necklines or collars; they come in the way during inversions like a shoulder stand experience. Women should look for bra support built into a yoga top.

#5 Shop for snug shoes

To stay comfortable while running outdoors or on the treadmill, it’s important to buy shoes that fit right. Choose running shoes that are a snug fit but not tight; remember feet swell and lengthen over a run, so make sure there’s a thumb’s width of space between your longest toe (which isn’t always the big toe) and the end of a shoe.

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